Team J20 Walks for Jacques

Jacques Katz was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the winter of 2015. In 2016, he started treatments and one of our leading MM5K teams, J20. Together, Jacques and his family and friends began moving towards a cure for multiple myeloma in The Weekend to Conquer Cancer™️.

“My why, is to hold on to my brother.” Jacques’ brother, Oren

The following year (2017), despite having access to drugs that didn’t exist five years earlier, Jacques’ treatments stopped working. The disease continued to progress, and his energy declined but it never affected his views on life. He spent so much of his time looking out for others, and it was extremely important to him that even better treatments were made available for anyone who had to face this diagnosis after he was gone.

“Jacques refused to get caught up in all the things he had to give up. He focused on what he had and what he could do”Oren Katz

Five years later, the devoted Katz family continues to see that hope through. The J20 team has grown to 22 members, and with the support of hundreds of friends is one of the top fundraising teams, moving towards a cumulative total of $200K.

“The more money we raise through the MM5K, the more treatment options we will create. It’s a direct line to world-leading research. It may not help my brother, but it will help someone else.” – Jacques’ sister, Maggie

We’d like to thank Maggie Devereux for sharing her family photos with us so that we could share the J20 story.