LOGIN 2021

Calling all corporate teams with five or more!

We are challenging you and your teammates to make an even bigger impact on this year’s Weekend by joining our Industry Challenge.


What is an Industry Challenge?

Think of the Industry Challenge as a friendly competition against other teams who work in the same industry. All participants will be grouped into categories and then ranked by the average number of fundraising dollars (per participant) and overall team fundraising totals. 
The minimum number of participants is five, but you can have as many as 500!  The only rule is that you work together and continue to make a difference. 

What can we win?

This is a friendly competition, but all participating teams will receive: 

  • Group recognition during event ceremonies 
  • An “Industry Challenge” badge for your team page

Plus, the top teams will be awarded at our annual ‘Local Leaders, Global Impact’ event in November 2021.


Participant Name

Still haven’t registered? 

Join today and start building your team.   
Benefits of working as a team include:

  • A built-in support system 
  • A community to train with 
  • Fundraising allies to help you reach your goals 
  • New networking opportunities and connections

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