LOGIN 2021

Share your why with family, colleagues, and friends.

The best place to find widespread support is through your social networks. That’s why we put together this ‘social starter’ toolkit featuring handfuls of downloadable assets to help guide the conversation on all your favourite social platforms and connect everyone to your why.

Instagram, proof that the right picture is worth 1000 words.

Share these images on the ‘gram to let people know you’re participating and encourage them to join you!
Download image 1, image 2, image 3 or image 4


Story Wallpapers

Simply choose the background image that suits your style and download straight to your phone. It’s that easy!
Download image 1, image 2, image 3 or image 4


Not sure what to say?

Here are a few captions to help get the conversation started:


Social Stickers

Share Your Why with the World

Let everyone know you’ve joined The Weekend to Conquer Cancer™ by downloading and personalizing your window sign and bib. Plus, family and friends can show their support with a cheer sign.

Social Stickers

Cover Photos and Virtual Backgrounds

Highlight your Why with The Weekend cover photo. It’s an easy and eye-catching way to connect on both Facebook and LinkedIn! Or download one of our many virtual backgrounds to add a little bit of colour to your next conference call or virtual fitness class.

Download your cover photos:
• Facebook Image 1, Image 2
• LinkedIn Image 1, Image 2


Download your virtual backgrounds:
• Weekend
• MM5K
• Head for a Cure


Hint: Working in MS Teams? Try clicking 'fit to screen'.

Participant Badges

Whether it’s your first time participating or you’ve been supporting the cause for years, show how long you’ve been walking or running for your why with these unique badges. Download the appropriate badge and post it as a profile picture to your personal fundraising page using the participant centre!

Download your badge:
Cancer Survivor1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year, 5th Year, 6th Year, 7th Year, 8th Year, 9th Year,
10th Year11th Year, 12th Year, 13th Year, 14th Year, 15th Year, 16th Year, 17th Year, 18th Year, 19th Year


Facebook Fundraising makes fundraising easy!

Facebook keeps you connected to your community as well as friends and family far and wide. It’s a great platform for sharing fundraising goals and more importantly, your why.

We’ve all been affected by cancer and you never know who is ready and willing to help you see your goals through.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you going:

Step 01: Click Fundraisers on the left menu of your newsfeed (you may have to click “see more”)
Step 02: Click + Raise Money
Step 03: Select Non-profit or Charity
Step 04: Select The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and enter your fundraising details*
Step 05: Click Create

*your Facebook Fundraiser name must include your Participant ID or first and last name as well as the event name (The Weekend to Conquer Cancer)


Share your Why

Start your Facebook fundraiser today

Click here


note: Donations made through Facebook may take 60-90 days to appear on your The Weekend fundraising page

Spread the word about your why!

Download this detailed info sheet. You can print it off or attach it to an email to help show friends, family members, and colleagues how they can make a difference by joining your team or starting their own.