Add to your Weekend fundraising total by raising money through Facebook.


Raising money for The Weekend to Conquer Cancer™ is even easier when you create a Facebook Fundraiser. It’s a great way to connect with your community, share your fundraising goals and, of course, your why. 

The more people you can reach, the more people that are likely to donate. So many of us have been affected by cancer, so you never know who is ready to support you. 

How to create a Facebook Fundraiser: 

Step 1:
Log in to Facebook. Click “Fundraisers” in the menu on the left side of your newsfeed. You may have to click “see more” to find it. 

Step 2:
Click “+ Raise Money” in the menu on the left. 

Step 3:
Select “Non-profit” or “Charity” as your fundraiser type 

Step 4:
Search for and select The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation when prompted to choose a charity.

Step 5:
Enter your fundraising details and create your page. Your Facebook Fundraiser name must include your Participant ID or first and last name as well as the event name (The Weekend to Conquer Cancer). Remember, sharing more details about why you’re participating can help inspire people to donate. 

Step 6:
Click “Create.” You’re ready to fundraise! 

Step 7:
Once your Facebook Fundraiser is complete, make sure you fill out this form to ensure your fundraising efforts from Facebook are transferred* to your personal fundraising page for The Weekend. We ask you to fill out the form because Facebook can take up to six weeks to deliver your fundraising information to us.  

*Funds raised may take up to two weeks to appear on your personal fundraising page and they will be listed as “Facebook Fundraiser” on your Honour Roll. 

Fundraising Form

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